This is my first post on any blog EVER, so please try to leave comments on how I should go about this.

With great power comes great responsibility. — Stan LeeImage result for tron cosplay

I am currently working on a cosplay costume for TRON: Legacy that should take all the way until October, if I find the small funds to finish it. Right now, I am in the rough sketching stage, but that will change once I find the right store to purchase chicken wire. Why, you may ask, do I need chicken wire? I’ll tell you. my idea is to create a chicken wire frame to convert my humble bicycle into a light cycle. I don’t yet know what I should spread over the wire. I’m thinking of some sort of fabric or duct tape. I have not converted a bike into anything yet, so I very well could be going about this in the complete wrong way, but I am open to suggestions from you guys.

I think I might as well discuss my plan. First: I will find some black clothes to wear. I have already picked out an Adidas tee shirt and pants that are black and relatively skin-tight. Second, I’ll find the type of lights to use for the bike and costume. I have found a ten-foot length of EL wire that should serve the purpose if looped over itself a few times. This is $6.88 on eBay, relatively cheap for lights. I have seen several people use blue EL wire instead, which is a bad idea, since it isn’t as bright and doesn’t fit in with the suit from the movie. If you look closely, Sam is the only one wearing white lights in the film other than Quorra and his dad. This is obviously a trait reserved for only certain programs and users. Third, I’ll purchase a foam yoga mat about a 1/2 inch thick. Foam is easy to manipulate and can easily be glued together with a hot glue gun if the edges are trimmed correctly. I’ll release a YouTube tutorial in a few months showing how to do this. Fourth step is putting it all together. Watch the movie on a platform that allows you to pause and rewind, then skip to the scene where Sam is suiting up. This should provide details for putting everything together.  Apply the EL wire in a shape identical to the lights in the movie, looping it over itself when a thicker area is needed. Use the foam yoga mat to make the armor on the chest, legs, and back. Apply the yoga mat to the fabric with hot glue or sew it on. Put clear tape over the gaps for the lights. This should balance the light out so that it doesn’t just look like wire. Then, you’re done with the suit. I’ll release a tutorial on the bike when I figure what what materials to use.